The Black Eagle Inn

The Black Eagle InnThe Black Eagle Inn is an old established restaurant and part of a family farm business in the sleepy Bavarian countryside outside of Heimkirchen. Childless Anna Stockmann has fought hard to make it her own and keep it running through WWII. The family is divided by rivalry between family members since her own youth but at the heart of this story one of Anna’s nephews, Markus, owns her heart and another nephew, Lukas, owns her ear, while her husband Herbert is still missing-in-action.

Religion dictates life in Heimkirchen’s enclosed Catholic community that was almost unaffected by the fighting in the war. Anna’s brother Hans-Ulrich is involved in the church as well as in post war party politics. He finds that the new generation, his own off spring, are not functioning as well as the older one would like. Bitter conflicts arise in the new forming Germany and the family members all need to decide how to respond to the challenges ahead.

How does a Nation recover from its collective shame, how does it rebuild itself into a modern state and deal with its horrendous past and the difficult path ahead? Restructuring of the political landscape & the influence of religion are strong themes in this historical family saga & post war drama set in Germany 1940 – 1976.

This is war fiction without immediate war, it is literary history about Germany after the Nazi rule with gay, racial, religious and feminist themes, describing the way one family experiences the forward move of a shamed Nation.

Fischer tells a great family saga with war in the far background and weaves the political and religious into the personal with belated or indirect impact of war on people.

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From the reviews:

“This story takes us through all the turbulent years during and after the second world war. How a rural family, and indeed much of Germany, coped with the many changes. Christoph Fischer brings to life, through his colourful characters, history in such a way that the reader has a better understanding of those times.
Another excellent book from the pen of Christoph Fischer that really must be read.
Fully deserving of five stars (I would give it six if possible!).”


“The Black Eagle Inn really is the most beautiful book I’ve read in a long time. …it is written just as engagingly, with wonderful characters, fabulous story, and a unique perspective.
How refreshing to read a different take on it all! And how well done the theme of redemption throughout the country and its citizens as a new way of being has to come into play for both country and populace to move on.
Christoph Fischer is an excellent writer, and he chose to tell this marvellous story through the medium of a family saga 

Money, family, religion, politics, sexuality, forbidden love, scheming, plotting, hate and scandals engulf Anna, and all of these are mirrored in what is happening within the country too, a very clever thing to do for those readers (myself included) who wouldn’t previously have known what life was like in Germany at the time.
But it is not heavy-going, quite the opposite, as you are caught up in what is happening to the family – the book is quite the page-turner.
And the redemption that I mentioned at the start of the review, of which the author has written so eloquently? Well, if you are willing to change, things will change around you and you can embrace those new things; if you don’t, you are sure to be left behind. And I don’t think there’s much more you can say to make a case for humanity than that.”

An excellent read.


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