MD: “I have said a few times that there are great authors of gay fiction out there; I think it is fair to draw my ‘short list’ of writers who make gay literature and literature with homoerotic themes great.

This is not a comprehensive list.

How have I selected these living (and writing) authors? I have not done it on the basis of how ‘gay’ they are, in fact, you will see that some of them only touch on sexuality as a theme. I have not done it on the grounds of their popularity, in fact, some are just appearing on the literary scene. I have done it based on their writing qualities, on their ability to create convincing yet innovative stories, on their style, on how courageous they are in ‘pushing literature forward’ and on how I believe, in their different ways, these authors are contributing to the good name of literature with gay themes or characters or books by gay authors.

These are a few authors who buck the trend of ‘disposable’ novels that exploit the recent fascination for gay sexuality to simply sell books. These are authors who write because they love literature, because they are more similar to us readers and enjoy books, thus contribute to developing ways of writing and finding new ways of expressing ourselves and themselves.

These are authors who will stand the test of time, I believe, those that years from now we will be thankful for having read, unlike the many who we will soon forget and shelve in the attic.

The list has no order, the names are given alphabetically: this is not a chart… These authors are not in the silly competition of ‘chart topping’, but in a joint effort to produce good literature.

I shall try to put them in their literary context, not just gay, but mainstream too, and give you an idea of their style and achievements.”

CF: You can find the full list here: