30 Jul 2013

Graham Austin-King: Captain Pegleg and the Greatest Treasure

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Meet Captain Pegleg. He’s a pirate. He’s a great pirate! But he wants to be the BEST pirate ever! 18171585

He’s battled other pirates…

He’s fought off ferocious sea monsters…

We all know what makes a great pirate though and that’s treasure!

Join the Captain and his crew as they search for the biggest, shiniest, most incredible treasure that anyone has ever seen!

My opinion:

Captain Pegleg and the Greatest Treasure , told confidently by Graham Austin-King (and illustrated beautifully by Dale Brooks) is a fun filled Pirate story, poking fun at a Captain with a huge ego and little sense. It works with the great known stereotypes of pirate life which both Austin-King and Brooks bring to animated life with their words and illustrations.
The premise and its resolve at the end is one lovely idea and I laughed out loud reading it.
The other pages about pirate life are also very entertaining and just right to allow the parents to read it to their kids with dramatic or funny voices.
This is my kind of children’s picture book, the type I had as a child and the type that is good and solid fun. If you want to teach your small children about pirates without them getting scared and to teach them about the silliness of megalomania then this is the book for you. Charming and endearing throughout.

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