24 Nov 2014

Review of “Prince Lestat” by Anne Rice #lestatisback

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I rarely get the time to read traditionally published books these days but I am making an exception today to publish my review of “Prince Lestat” by Anne Rice, her first in over ten years I hear.

P1130001It was a long but worthwhile wait for her fans and all Vampire enthusiasts.

The book has been called ambitious and, given the amount of locations, characters and plot strands, I must agree.

I’m new and late in this series and have learned since what an original, imaginative and rich world Rice has created for her series. Her characters are all fantastically colourful and fascinating and provide plenty of entertainment.

The mystery of “The Voice” that talks without a proper introduction installs an instant sense of suspense long before the real drama begins. The original prefaces and introduction set the scene with a powerful and well composed sense of drama.

I’m often reluctant to read material by famous and hyped up authors that are new to me as it is difficult to remain objective towards the material. I soon forgot all about it and got  immersed in the mystery of the Voice and the cruel thread that comes to the entire world of Vampires; a world with many players and characters from all over the world and from different times.

One of the most enjoyable parts of the book is how Rice handles the clash between the old, classic Vampire cultures and modern life with Internet radio, iPhones and MRI scans. Mystic elements, such as spirits and witchcraft blend surprisingly well into this world and add rather than distract. 

As newcomer to Rice and her character Lestat I found myself at times a little challenged to keep up with all the characters in the book, especially since some of them ‘step into’ others and merge. There is, however, a very useful list of characters to help with that and I must assume that regular fans of the series won’t experience the same difficulties as I did – many of Rice’s characters are difficult to forget.

Not always an easy read but a memorable and rewarding one.

I was given a review copy of the book by the publicist.

Prince Lestat, Anne Rice’s new novel in the Vampire Chronicles series, is out now (Chatto & Windus). The Wolves of Midwinter is also out in paperback (Arrow), eBooks also available.

Visit annerice.com for more information

Here is the link to the UK Amazon  page
Here is the link to the US Amazon  page
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