01 Mar 2014

Interview with Jackie Williams

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 I have featured some of her books already but today I finally managed to get a proper Interview with Jackie Williams: 



Tell us a little about yourself as writer and a person.

I’m a lady of a certain age ; born in the 60’s but not old enough to enjoy them (shame).  I always like to see the lighter side of life (though I am anything but light myself) Positive thought and attitude goes a long way to keeping the wrinkles at bay. Running Scarred Book

In real life I am a professional pearl stringer. I repair broken strands of all types of pearls and beads, from the plastic fun ones from Christmas crackers to those worth thousands of pounds worn by royalty. Every day is interesting and every single job is different but I have done this for over thirty years and I don’t mind telling you that I am pretty good at it. When I am knotting between each pearl I no longer have to look at what I am doing which is where my absolutely favourite piece of technology comes into its own. My Kindle has been a complete revolution to me. I can’t think what I ever did without one. I read at least a book every single day and if I am not reading, I have plenty of time to let my imagination get the better of me and I jot down the odd note for my next book.

I often think up book ideas when I am sitting at my pearl stringing board. The mind can wander freely when I have a 300 pearls to knot between.

What made you become a writer? Have you always written?

Although in the past I wrote long and detailed letters to friends I hadn’t attempted to write a book but two things made me.

The first was a competition on a TV programme. I was broke and there was a ton of money being offered if you wrote a book and this TV programme featured it. So I thought, Okay, I can do that,(I’m nothing if not determined!) so I go and start typing and my husband comes through to my office and starts to laugh at me and said something like. “Don’t be daft woman. You can’t write.” Or words to that effect…well, I do like a challenge so I quietly thought… “I’ll flipping well show you!” (as you do) And the other thing was that my lovely daughter asked me to write a book just for her.  She listed her essential ‘Ingredients’ and I wrote A Perfect Summer for her. Forever Scarred Book

When did you decided to write in your chosen genres? Do you have a favourite genre? Do you read the same genres as you write?

I decided to write romance right from the start. It’s what I write best. I read just about anything but I do like a good mystery. I have a funny story about my reading matter.

When I first published I was so excited. I told my family and they were excited too but my dear old mum just wouldn’t download my book. After a few weeks I asked her why and she suddenly burst into tears and said that she couldn’t read my book because it might be my own diary (it’s not – I have no idea where she got that idea from.) Anyway, I assured her that it wasn’t my diary.

 I didn’t mention it again until I published A Perfect Summer as a paperback later in the year. I gave her a copy and she was thrilled and promised to read it.

After a few more weeks had gone by the family went out for a Christmas meal and I quietly asked my mum if she had read my book.

 “Yes!” she says, and then she glances around the table and whispers back to me, “I liked it, but I don’t think you will…It’s a romance and you like mysteries!”

Needless to say, I was speechless. Treasured Dreams Book

How long does it take you to write and publish a book?

It differs. Last year I went on holiday to France on my own (I often do, not unusual for me at all) and an hour out of port my car broke down. It was the middle of nowhere in the middle on the night and I had gone from 60 miles an hour in a perfectly functioning car, to nothing, nada, zilch. No motor, no lights, no steering, no brakes. Bit scary actually but I was a Girl Guide, I am prepared for anything… anyway to cut a long story short (I can waffle for England) I ended up spending  2 weeks with a very uncomfortable hire car and nothing much to do. (hire car was an extremely small machine with seats fit only for a very slim 17yr old boy and I am a good size 20 with flesh to spare so didn’t fancy going very far.) So in my forced idleness I wrote Forever Scarred, a 70,000 word book in the two weeks, Including all the editing, formatting and proofing. I uploaded it to amazon the day after I eventually arrived home and it has subsequently become my best seller! 

Echo Beach on the other hand, was a complete nightmare. Took over a year and it was just as well I had other projects going on at the same time or I would now be bald and sitting in a padded room!

What is the easiest about writing and what is the hardest?

Thinking of the story and writing it are the easiest. Proofing is just the worst thing ever!

How do you balance life and writing? Silent Treatment book

With difficulty. I do promotion tweeting etc. first thing in the morning and then get on with pearl stringing. In the evening I pack pearl stringing things away and move to the other side of my table and begin writing for as long as my mind lets me. Everything else fits around that.

Would you say there is a message in the books beyond the stories? Do you find it is well received and picked up by the reviewers?

Some of my books have a message somewhere but that wasn’t the original purpose of writing them. Some reviewers get it but most don’t. I particularly hate any reference to ‘Beauty and the Beast’ concerning my Scarred series. It wasn’t written that way and I detest how shallow the reference sounds.  The thought that some people think that a scarred person has to be horrible makes my blood boil. Scarred people are not beasts! My scarred characters are just fabulous; strong, gorgeous, courageous, PERFECT…Exactly as they are! The baddies in my Scarred books are the beasts…they are vile!

What do you like most about your characters? Which one is your favourite?

I like the vulnerability of the men. They are all strong and good but each has that tipping point where they hurt so badly that they lose it…big time. I love all the men in my books. They all have their best/worst points but I simply adore all my ‘Scarred’ characters. Kick-arse but cute as. Strong but vulnerable.  And that includes the girls too.

Which is your favourite book that you wrote and why? Which was the most fun to write?

My fave book is Running Scarred. Patrick is just the most  perfect hero. The book was so easy to write and conveyed a lot of strong messages.  I also had plenty of inspiration with the ruined château. The Château Coat an Noz is right near to my own house in France. The place is gorgeous and if I had enough money I would make the book come true. Coat an Noz now has new owners who are restoring the castle to its former glory. I took them a copy of my book and they gave me a ‘grand tour’ of the place. I have an open invitation to go back any time I like too.  Just fabulous!

The most fun book I have written so far is Tinted Lenses. I sniggered a lot during that one.

Who would play the characters in a film? A Fallen Fortune Book (might change)

Absolutely no idea.  I’ll let the readers decide.

What are your next projects? Tell us about your other books.

Scarred 4 (no title yet) is already on its way. Gemma is getting the treatment this time, and I am also dipping into ‘historical romance’. All those Earls and Lords and blue superfine and cravats and valets and footmen and horses and the gossip of the ton…Ahhh! gush…it just has to be done.

What is your life like? What do you do for pleasure and work when you are not writing?

I like to read. I read loads. I also love going to France. I like going for a drive and seeing where I end up. I never mind getting ‘lost’ (I have a map and a compass, I can find my way home.) I like cooking and trying new recipes too and my favourite thing is to go on a ruined château hunt. Nothing quite like finding a deserted ruined château in the middle of a forest in the middle of nowhere. Lovely!

Who are your literary influences? What are your favourite books/ films/ albums?

He’s not an influence (I don’t think) but I love a Lee Childs book to read. Jack Reacher is perfect. But I also adore Pride and Prejudice and Harry Potter. 

I can’t tell you my favourite film. I love everything from ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ to ‘Twilight’ (Yes, I am a team Edward fan) I like stuff like ‘Step Up’ and ‘Star Wars’. I’m not keen on sad films. ‘Green Mile’ broke my heart. I can’t bear to think of it. 

Music albums – I am a massive MUSE fan, so anything by them and I love Biffy Clyro, Blue Foundation, 30 Seconds to Mars, Lifehouse, Local Natives…Loads…too many to mention. I love a good festival and we are lucky enough to have V festival every year here in Chelmsford.

What are your views on independent publishing?

It’s brilliant. Go for it!

Can you recommend any indie books/ authors?

Historical Western – Rebecca de Medeiros, Delicious Desires Book

Apocalypse – Thomas Wolfenden

Vampire – Travis Luedke

Romance – Laura Taylor and Danielle Rose-West

What would your friends tell us if we asked for your best and your oddest qualities?

I’m a great cook. I’m also a really positive person. I love a good giggle. I never assume anything about a person, and I’m always willing to help if I can…Odd things about me. Am I odd? Hmmm. You would have to ask everyone else.

What are your favourite animal/ colour/ outdoor activity?

Fave animal – I like gecko’s (No idea why and I don’t want one, I just like to see them)

Fave colour – pink

Outdoor activity – ruined château hunting or swimming in the sea when there are some nice waves (not too big or too small) or going to a music festival (right up the front)

What would you take to a remote island?

Easy – My kindle (with solar charger) and a laptop (again with charger) so I can write a million romances.

Who would you like to invited for dinner and why?

Louis Theroux (interesting guy) and my family (because we don’t get together often enough.) but not at the same time. Louis I would want on my own.

What are you writing at the moment and where would we find out about your next projects?

I am writing the historical romance and Scarred 4 at the mo. I always have several projects coming along at the same time. I haven’t yet, but I will add a page to my website so that my readers can find out what my next projects are.

What else would you like us to know about you and your books?

You can ask me anything you like if you either email me or ask on FB. My answer will depend on how much champagne you can bribe me with. 😉

Her Website is www.romanticsuspensebooks.org where there are snippets and insights to my books.
MHer links to amazon are as follows (I only sell on amazon)
Running Scarred  viewBook.at/B0089UMGAK
Forever Scarred     viewBook.at/B00EMMD1Y4 
Scarred Horizon      myBook.to/ScarredH 
A Perfect Summer viewBook.at/B0088A4YY2 
Silent Treatment     viewBook.at/SilentTreatment 
Treasured Dreams  viewBook.at/B00948Q29M 
Tinted Lenses         viewBook.at/B00AUVVJK4 
A Fallen Fortune    viewBook.at/B00CVAZ0NO 
Echo Beach           myBook.to/EchoBeach 
Delicious Desires viewBook.at/B008UD2LCE 

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