11 Jan 2015

“CHIMERAS: A Medical Mystery” by E.E. Giorgi

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“CHIMERAS: A Medical Mystery” by E.E. Giorgi is an excellent medical thriller that opens a variety of issues about genetics and places them in the context of a fairly fast paced and cleverly plotted crime story. It is written competently by an author who knows her science but also knows how to create and keep tension and drama at the same time.

The book feels never dry and is told with the powerfully honest voice of Detective Ulysses / Track Presius, an epigenetic chimera, which gives a unique perspective into his ‘being different’ and how it affects him and his work. He is a well-chosen character with some darker components, a protagonist who can keep your interest. He is joined by a partner in crime and by a scientist, both of are equally fascinating.
The book uses a wonderfully descriptive style and keeps the reader on their toes, with the science and also the crime side of it.
I have read a lot of information about genetics because my partner suffers from haemophilia and so the issues that are raised here in the context of genetic science resonated well with me. I found it particularly rewarding that the author added a section about the science at the end of the book, which clarified a few topics, and reassured me how medically sound and competent the foundations for this story are.
This is a very rewarding read and was even better than I hoped for. A writer to watch.

 Here is a link to my interview with E.E. Giorgi

Author’s blog: http://chimerasthebooks.blogspot.com/

Chimeras: http://smarturl.it/chimeras

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Gene Cards: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00NH8V8OE

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