09 Jan 2014

Terry Reid: “Crashing down to Earth”

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“Crashing Down to Earth (Part One)” by Terry Reid is a hugely entertaining paranormal story about the relationship between Hayley and her Guardian Angel Alex.
Although Alex has a lot of ‘regular’ angel attributes and behaviour he often appears all too human, which makes him a really great and often unpredictable character. He fights demons and protects Hayley but not all of his actions are approved by the ‘Elders’, who summon him for help in a much bigger plot.
Having insight into both Hayley’s and Alex’s perspective through the omniscient point of view enables the reader to understand more clearly where the two of them are coming from and for me this added to the charm of the novel.
The book is written with fresh and realistic dialogue, the plot moves fast and sets us up for the next part in the series. There are plenty of surprises and unexpected events as we follow the many likeable characters through the smaller problems and bigger adventure.
In a market almost saturated with paranormal and supernatural books to me this is a refreshing and welcome addition to the genre

Interview with Terry:

Tell us a little about yourself as writer and a person.

I mainly write fantasy and science fiction novels but I do try to give them a realistic feel as much as possible (as silly as that sounds, I know). As for myself, I live in Dumfries in southern Scotland and have done so for a number of years now. I work full time, so sometimes it’s hard to juggle the job and finding the time to write. I also enjoy painting and running as hobbies.

What made you become a writer? Have you always written?

I have always written, ever since I was a child. Although it has only been this last year that I’ve felt confident enough to release novels. It’s always been my first passion.

Where did you get the inspiration to write about a guardian angel?

It actually came from a dream I had about seven years ago now. Alex was modelled on someone I met in my dream. There’s actually a train scene early on in the prequel to Crashing Down to Earth, Stars and Satellites, which is based on this dream.

Do you see the angel component as religious or simply paranormal?

I see the angel element as simply being paranormal. I’m not a religious person and I only wrote the book for entertainment only. It doesn’t carry any religious messages and it’s not intended to step on anyone’s beliefs. It’s just a bit of fun!

How did the character come to you and why did you decide to write him so human? 7803_161852973986944_1203517126_n

As previously mentioned, Alex was based on a dream. Alex was written the way he is so he can gel easier with the other, human characters. Although there are settings I have thrown in when he will say and do things that will remind the reader that he is not. Also, he needed to be relatable on some level.

Who would play the characters in the movie – if you could chose any actor?

Hayley would ideally need someone who is brunette and a bit feisty – Natalie Portman might be a good choice. As for Alex, Jake Gyllenhaal might fit the bill if he dyed his hair black.

Do you have a favourite genre to read yourself?

Yes, my favourite genre is fantasy. But I do read others.

Tell us a little about the history of “Crashing Down to Earth”. How long did it take you to write and publish?

It took about eight months from concept to the finished product but it was a hard slog. The sequel will likely take longer to finish as it will be a longer book. I started the sequel in June and I’m about two third or the way through.

How do readers respond to the book?

Feedback has generally been positive (thankfully), which is nice after the slamming I’ve received for previous books.

What was the easiest about writing the book and what was the hardest?

The easiest part to write was the characters. The hardest had to be the ending, as it is the first of a two part story. The last chapter in Crashing Down to Earth was originally going to feature at the start of the sequel but I felt it would leave a little too many unanswered questions for readers, so in it went!

What are your next projects?

The next project is Crashing Down to Earth (Part Two), which I am currently writing.

What is your life like? What do you do for pleasure and work when you are not writing?

My life’s quite boring most of the time but it has its moments. I have a large family, which keeps me busy, as I see them a lot. As previously mentioned, I enjoy running long distances. I also paint and I read books. I also play video games, but I’m not sure which next gen console to get just now.

What are your favourite books/ films/ albums?

I really like the Song of Ice and Fire books (Game of Thrones as they’re known to the masses). My favourite films include How to Train Your Dragon, The Shawshank Redemption and a ton of other ones I can’t remember right now.

What are your views on independent publishing? 472044_105804122925163_1814082543_o

Independent publishing gives authors a lot more control over their books but it also means a lot more work. If you’re not sure about marketing (like I was when I first started), it is best to speak to people who have gone down this avenue for advice. It does take a lot of hard work.

Can you recommend any indie books/ authors?

I would recommend Travis Luedke’s Nightlife Series and CJ Sullivan’s Wings of the Divided. They’re some of my favourites.

What would your friends tell us if we asked for your best and your oddest qualities?

They would tell you that I’m odd, full stop. (Lol) What is your favourite animal/ colour? My favourite animals are dogs. I grew up with them and I’ve always had them around. I’m not sure if I have a favourite colour but I do like red and blue.

What would you take to a remote island?

A knife, a box of matches, a fishing rod and a tent. Who would you like to invited for dinner and why? I can’t say it’s something I’ve ever really considered. Sorry! I know that is such a boring answer!

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