08 Dec 2013

“September Ends” by Hunter S. Jones

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“September Ends” by Hunter S. Jones is a wonderful bittersweet love story, told in various writing styles and narratives. Diary entries, emails, chat transcribes and poems tell the story of Liz / Elizabeth and her love life. This patchwork of impressions and plot segments worked surprisingly well for me, even the poetry which is a genre I don’t often enjoy.

The initial diary entry and opening of the novel records the death of Liz’s brother in a traffic accident and her subsequent depression. The scene was very emotional and moving and I found it hard to jump ten years ahead and let go of this powerful first strand of the plot.
What follows is the email exchange between Liz and some business executive, interspersed with poems from a poets blog. There are also some erotic chat room transcribes but they are important for the character development and fit well into the novel. It took me a while to settle into this dual telling but I am glad I persevered for it all comes together beautifully. A stroy of love, loss and survival.
The story ends another ten years later with a last diary entry and a last segment of spectator’s narrative.
September Ends is cleverly plotted and well written, it has a strong story, real emotions and excellent characters. The book is an emotional journey well worth your while.


Tell us a little about yourself as writer and a person.

Thank you for asking. My name is Hunter S. Jones writer and entertainment blogger from Atlanta, Georgia, USA. I notice things people do and say that most people do not even notice. The oddest movement will catch my eye, or maybe simply a turn of phrase will capture my imagination. As a person, I am a good friend, loyal and sometimes even dependable.

What made you become a writer? Have you always written?

Writing has always been a part of my life in some manner, yes. Ms Jones Official 11-13

Tell us about September Ends. When did you decided to write this story?

The concept of September Ends presented itself earlier in 2013. After the poet collaborator and I discovered the three main characters, the synopsis was developed. I found it the other day. The original synopsis is so different than the finished book. It is interesting how you can have a plot so very planned and prepared, yet once The Muse calls, the story takes on its own life. 

How did you come up with the concept for the narratives?

That is such a fantastic question and I really don’t know. I wanted the story to be something different, beyond the poetry and prose aspect. The story wanted to be told in the way we communicate today. It’s written in the manner in which we process written information now.  

However, I have no idea how I came up with the POVs we used. I wrote each chapter separately, almost like a short story. That way, if my collaborator wanted to omit a chapter, we would not have to re-do an entire section. That may have a lot to do with how the story weaves in and out of each character’s life.  

What genre would you say it falls under and what is your target audience?

September Ends is a different kind of love story. It is a Romance, a contemporary romance however it is very much of today’s world. The target audience is Romance & Poetry readers, with enough erotic elements and supernatural glimpses to keep my fans intrigued yet appeal to a wider audience.

Tell us a little about the history of the book. How long did it take you to write and publish?

This one is easy! From idea to published form, September Ends took almost six months to complete.

What was the easiest about writing the book and what was the hardest?

The creative is always the easiest for me. Once The Story finds me, it’s as if all I have to do is write it down. Edits and re-writes are agonizing for me. Gruesome, seamlessly-never-ending-phases of detail.

Would you say there is a message in the book beyond the story? Do you find it is well received and picked up by the reviewers?

There is a message. The poet & I were very adamant that the message be a vital part of the story. Everything is so easy to obtain in today’s world. What seduces us to believe it is love is maybe not love at all. Maybe it is what you wish love to be. Then when you discover love, true love, you will know it. You will understand the difference when you love right.

Yes, some readers and reviewers pick up on the message. For the literature aficionados, there is a Verbal Imperative used in September Ends which speaks the message of the entire book. I will send a gift to the first person who spots it. 

What do you like most about your characters?

The three main characters in September Ends are so flawed. They are almost human in their frailty. Being Southern I know that the most flawed personalities have the greater chance of forgiveness and redemption. That gives the characters more depth. Hopefully.

Are you like any of them?

Yes and no.

Who would play the characters in a film?

Anyone who is as excited about the book would be fine with me! Secretly, I believe Russell Brand could play The Poet. Yes, I know he isn’t known for dramatic roles but I believe he has a depth of character which could capture the spirit of Jack O. Savage.

What are your next projects?

There are a number of projects underway yet nothing I can share with you yet. Watch this space, so you say in the UK.

What is your life like? What do you do for pleasure and work when you are not writing?

My life is chaos right now. Luckily, I have a husband, friends and a writing group which keep me occupied with creative ventures. I am very thankful for all of them, their support and the love and laughter they bring.

Who are your literary influences? What are your favourite books/ films/ albums?

Everyone is an influence-some more than others.  I will commit to favor(u)ite album – Exile on Main Street by The Rolling Stones.

What are your views on independent publishing?

It’s great! We are in a golden age of publishing, a veritable Renaissance for writers, authors and poets. The Penny Dreadful of 200 years ago is the new 99 cent novel.  

Can you recommend any indie books/ authors?

I recommend Christoph Fischer’s books and all of my publications. J Actually, I recommend any and all indie books & authors.

What would your friends tell us if we asked for your best and your oddest qualities?

She’s such a nice girl from such a nice family. Where did she get such a crazy imagination?

What are your favourite animal/ colour/ outdoor activity?

Animal? Cat / Colo(u)r? Red / Outdoor Activity? Walking to my car or to a restaurant or on the country lane my farm is on.

What would you take to a remote island?

Johnny Depp, champagne, wine, a guitar, books & a hat.

Who would you like to invited for dinner and why?

What if I answer this question in the next interview…

What are you writing at the moment and where would we find out about your next projects?

Watch this space…

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