05 Jul 2014

“Soul Mate Search” by Morgan K. Wyatt

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Soul Mate Search

“The Soul Mate Search” by Morgan K. Wyatt is a wonderful and magical story. 
A psychic tells Nina that her soul mate has passed her by several times and urges her to not let that happen again. Not long before she meets him again, but can it really be true?
Despite the premise of a simple romantic story this book has some unexpected depth with two great characters, each of which are given the limelight to show where they are coming from. Both have their dating history and baggage, perceptions and mis-perceptions, insecurities, hopes and fears.
Unlike many romantic stories this novel benefits from its very realistic characters that are a far cry from cheap stereotypes. And then there are well chosen hurdles and very thoughtful insights into dating and relationships. 
I checked out the author after coming across some of her blog posts on dating, which had a similar helpful and analytical approach to love and expectations. 
This book was all I hoped for. Highly recommended.

Scroll down for an excerpt of this wonderful story! 

BLURB: Nina can’t control love in her ordered universe. It has eluded her until a mysterious fortuneteller, Helena, reveals she’s already met her soul mate. Three times in fact and has only four times remaining before he passes from her life forever. A magic crystal ball allows her to see what he looked like several years ago, but no address. Helena warns her if she forces the meeting it won’t happen.

Tony’s life has hit a major rough spot with Sheila kicking him out of his house when he discovers her in bed with another man. If that wasn’t bad enough, she spreads rumors that she’s afraid of him because he’s abusive. What did he do to deserve this? All he ever wanted was to love one woman until he died.

At this rate, he’s destined to die alone. It will take magic to meet his soul mate.

Interview with the lovely Morgan: Morgan & Husband

Tell us a little about yourself as writer and as person.

I am an Indiana farm girl I rode horses before I could walk and could shoot a shotgun by age four. Considering my background, you’d expect I’d write novels dealing with my early childhood. The closest I come is the historical romance where the woman had to learn to ride and shoot to survive.

When was the first time you decided to write and when was the first time you did?

I learned to write and read when I was four. Maybe my mother resorted to that to keep me away from the shotgun. This led to issues when I entered school since there was nothing for me to learn in first grade. I read the first grader reader book in one day and was sadly disappointed in the ending. I felt obligated to come up with better ending to share with my schoolmates. Often those endings involve outlaws, shootouts, stampedes, the occasional hot air balloon and a skydiving dog. My teacher was not amused.

Did anyone influence you / encourage you to become a writer?

My biggest influence was my fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Pate. She thought I had a natural ability.

You have written quite a lot of books. Do the books fall in different categories?

My first books are cougar romances with older women and somewhat younger men. It’s could happen scenario. My husband is younger than I am, so it did happen situation.

Then I went on to write historical romance, contemporary romance and romantic suspense. I probably have more books in contemporary romance. The Soul Mate Search is a sweet romance that is harder to write than a steamy romance.

Where did the idea from The Soul Mate Search come from?

I had a bit of obsession with fortunetellers and Tarot card readers. Even from a young age, I was constantly testing them to see if they could really tell me something useful. Most did tell me useful information, but I ignored it because it wasn’t what I wanted to hear. Later on, what they told me did come true. The idea for the novel started with Nina visiting a fortuneteller who tells her that she’s already met her soul mate. Worse, she only has a couple more chance meetings before he passes from her life. The fortuneteller refuses to reveal the man’s name, but allows her to glimpse those meetings in the past. Of course, the man won’t look the same as a ten-year-old boy. A sense of urgency is there, but Nina can’t just go up to men and ask if they’re her soul mate. That would be the epitome of a pushy female. It is a fun novel with some not so helpful friends. Everyone has a few of those.

Tell us about your dating blog! 

Four years ago, I was a divorced science teacher. I definitely wasn’t a woman who was against men or marriage, but I was against dating the wrong type of man. As a reasonably intelligent woman, I decided to research the subject of dating. I also chronicled my adventures via the blog Dating After Forty-eight. The early entries often summarized dating books I’d read or even actual dates I went on. It isn’t surprising my engineer husband found the blog and used it to his advantage. He knew what I preferred to do on date because I blogged about it. My intention was to stop the blog once I got married, but it still gets thousands of views. The most popular blogs will be coming out in book form later this year. Not too surprisingly, the title is Dating After Forty-eight. The one thing I learned from this experience is that people will treat you in accordance to how you regard yourself. If you think you’re worth knowing, then you’ll attract people who think the same.

Did you have it all planned out before you write your stories or do the characters and story surprise you?

I used to be a total pantser, making up things as I go. Not so much anymore, I try to outline series. Often my characters are not agreeable and often don’t do what I want. Just examine the friends in The Soul Mate Search who cause endless trouble. I even had characters insert themselves into the story. They show up one day and insist on a part.

Which character did you most enjoy writing?

There are so many fun characters. There is a great deal of humor in my writing. Not only do I have fun writing, but my characters do too. Wolfe Jackson is one of my favorites from “Dangerous Curves” because he’s such an alpha male who tries to control the situation. It’s a losing battle when total craziness ensues when he mistakes a high school principal for a terrorist spy.

My favorite animal character is the very badly behaved dog in “Puppy Love.” My son’s dog served as inspiration. My favorite secondary character is an interfering neighbor, Millie Fleming in “Incognito.” Her nosiness saves the day in many ways.

Are you like any of them, and if so, how?

I usually give my heroines at least one of my traits. She could be a list maker or a Jackie Chan movie fan. My heroes usually have one or two of my husband’s characteristics. In “Unexpected Cougar,” the hero is an engineer and all his dialogue came from my husband. I’d write something and my husband would inform me that wasn’t something an engineer would say, and then, toss me an alternative line.

How do you handle criticism of your work?

Actually, it can be helpful. One person wanted to know more about the hero’s backstory. Next book had more info on the hero. One reviewer talked about how much she loved the book, but she didn’t like the sticker price. I told my publisher, who actually reduced the price. Ironically, the reviewer got the book free. The funniest one was a reviewer who complained my cougar love story was unrealistic. I’d based it on my own romance with my husband. She’d have given it another star if it could have actually happened. 

What are you working on now?

I have four books in progress. The Inheritance is a wounded warrior story of two people forced to share a house because of an inheritance. They don’t trust or like each other at first. Then there’s the problem of wife who disappeared off the face of the earth and reappears. (Sweet Romance) Exposed is about a woman stalked by a dangerous ex-lover. The unlikely hero is a young divorce lawyer, who hates his job. (Cougar Romance) Don’t Act Your Age is about Josie who discovers life begins at forty when her husband leaves her for his assistant. She embarks on adventure in a big way and rekindles an old high school romance. (Sweet Romance) Unsinkable Heart Series is a three book fiction series about three very different women who sailed on the Titanic. (Historical Romance)

Thanks Christoph for allowing me to visit.

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Excerpt from Morgan K Wyatt’s The Soul Mate Search

Rain started by the time she pulled into the grocery store parking lot. Her planned sprint turned into a walk as dizziness swept over her. Great, all she needed was to pass out. Making it into the store foyer, she shook to rid herself of the excess moisture, no doubt resembling a dog. The store cranked up the air conditioning normally, but today with damp clothing, it was frigid.

She rushed through the store as her arms goose pimpled from the chill. A quick glance down at her wet shirt explained why the man stocking sodas stared at her, well at her chest anyhow. Pulling the wet shirt away from her skin, she headed for the grinder. Pouring the coffee beans into the grinder, she mentally calculated how long it would take her to return to the sanctuary of her house. So far, so good. No one she knew had seen her. Just as well, she didn’t want to make polite with anyone. Her bed called out to her. She could hear its siren call over the sound of the coffee grinder.

Inhaling the aroma of fresh ground beans deeply, she thought the heavenly scent by itself might heal her. Taking her coffee, ginger ale, and snatching up some yogurt, she headed for the self-check scanner. She was ready to explain to the cashier who monitored the aisles she’d brought the coffee in with her, but the woman never looked up from her perusal of a gossip magazine.

Her purchases bagged, she headed for the car. All she had to do was reach her car without any human interaction, when a man walking in spoke to her.

“Your coffee smells wonderful. Is it a Sumatran blend?”

She looked up into the face of a smiling man with curling damp hair and water spotted glasses. Her brain went dead. The absolute worse time to meet anyone. She managed to mumble her reply. “I think it is.” She walked away hoping he wasn’t watching her. Why couldn’t she run into men like that when she was dressed for work?

Unlocking her car, she slipped on the smooth leather seat since her legs were wet. Could she look any worse? Men didn’t normally try to strike up conversations with her in the grocery store, with the exception of the butcher who tried to convince her to buy a more expensive cut of meat. Twisting the key into the ignition, she drove home. The brief flash of the man who talked to her came to mind. He was taller than she was, a little on the lanky side, curly hair with a few threads of silver, glasses, and brown eyes. Her foot stomped on the brakes. Oh my God, it was her soul mate!


Author Info

Author Morgan K Wyatt w/ husband

Morgan & Husband


Morgan K Wyatt, raised on a steady diet of superheroes, believed she could fly at a very young age. After using trees, barn lofts, sliding boards, and even a second story window as launch pads, she found her flying skills were limited to fast and downward. By the age of nine, her dreams to be a superhero needed some modifications, which caused her to turn to writing and horseback riding as alternatives to flying.

 At the age of twenty, she had another chance at superhero greatness as being one of the few female soldiers trained for combat. The fact that women will be able to serve in combat soon indicates that all the witnesses to the grenade incident have retired. The grenade incident didn’t prevent her two sons or daughter-in-law from enlisting in the service. Having different last names probably helped.

Morgan recently retired from teaching special needs students to write fulltime, instead of in the wee hours of the night. With the help of her helpful husband and loyal hound, she creates characters who often grab plot lines and run with them. As for flying, she prefers the airlines now.


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    Thanks for spotlighting The Soul Mate Search. It was a fun book to write and I’m pleased you enjoyed reading it.


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