19 Jun 2014

Review: “Riding the Waves: The Price of Fame and Fortune” by Selena Haskins

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“Riding the Waves: The Price of Fame and Fortune” by Selena Haskins is a thoughtful and deep novel that – as the title so rightfully announces – takes a good look at the desire and cost of fame.
In the first part of the book several characters of the book are shown reading and internally commenting on a ‘tell-all’ book by Tracey, who exposes just a little too much for most people’s liking about her – and via that also their – private life/ lives.
I found this change of perception a great way of introducing all the characters of the story: The mother, who used to be a star, too, the ex-boyfriend, the best friend, the brother….
While most shrug the book off and take the mis-representation without much drama, Tracey’s ex-boyfriends decides to seek revenge and Tracey’s plan backfires as the reader follows the second half of the book.
This is a clever and very rewarding way of telling this story.
Although I had come to dislike Tracey at first because of her selfish attitude, Haskins manages to portray her character with more compassion and lets things take their own dramatic course.
This is a book of wonderful family values, a story of redemption and forgiveness, faith and hope. Its humanity is touching and its message heart warming.
Very enjoyable.



About the Author:

Selena Haskins is a native Washingtonian who loves NBA basketball, movies, music, and spending quality time with her family. Riding the Waves is Selena’s third book, and her future projects include a short-story comedy, a love story based on two characters from Riding the Waves, children’s books, and a collection of poems. For more information about Selena, including her blogs, to purchase autographed books, and to follow her on social media, please visit her website: www.booksbyselena.com. Purchases of Selena’s titles are also available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.




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