23 Nov 2013

“Pebbles” by Madhu Kalyan Mattaparthi and Gunjan Vyas

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 “Pebbles: Different faces of life” by Mr Madhu Kalyan Mattaparthi and with contributions by Miss Gunjan Vyas was given to me in exchange for an honest review but I need to stress that if I had found the book by chance I would give it the same enthusiastic write up as I am about to do now. This has been a highlight of my recent reading list without the shadow of a doubt.

The stories in this book are wonderful reflections on life as it is: The ambiguous feelings of a daughter towards her father, the coping of your mind in the adversity of street crime, death and terrorism, seemingly impossible love, rejection, violence and also in the face of unconditional love.

Each one of the stories has touched me in its own charming or thoughtful way. The authors write with such beautiful and simple prose that is very powerful and got right under my skin. I felt deeply moved. There is a little moral message in each of the stories that made me stop with amazement at the maturity and sophistication of the authors that is presented in such unpretentious and understated ways.

Be amazed by this wonderful and magic collection, be saddened, inspired, consoled and cry in despair with the characters. It was very unusual for me (as with most short stories) to get involved in the characters so quickly and to feel so deeply for them.

Highly recommended!

Interview with Madhu:


Have you always written?

No, I started writing a few months back when an inspiration struck me.

How did you end up writing in a team and how did that work for you?

Mostly because my friend Gunjan Vyas has always had interest in literature, I ended up making a team with her. It has been great till now – I come up with ideas and develop them into a story and send it to her for editing. When I get it back from her, it’s not just edited for grammatical errors but also the story has been given some interesting tweaks.

When Gunjan comes up with an idea, she develops it into a story and edits it for grammatical and spelling errors and sends it to me for review where I tell her if I want any changes to the story or not.

What was your motivation to write Pebbles? Do you have a particular message you would like to convey?

I had written many stories and wanted them to have a greater reach. Hence, we compiled them into this collection – Pebbles.

Yes, I’d like to share this poem with the readers.


When you do something because your gut tells you to

When you do something for the love of doing it



When you do something with no monetary goals.


 Is when it doesn’t matter how many times you talk to someone,

When you do your job without ever having to workEvery time you do it again, it’s a new, exciting, experience

When you can look in the mirror and feel pride without vanity

When a smile is on your face and you don’t know how it got there.


The state of being when you do what you Love, and Love what you do;

Have Love and Passion in your Life;

Live Life like there’s no tomorrow


Is only complete when you’re Happy


How much of the stories was fixed before you started writing and how much changed during the process?

My stories are fixed before I start writing. After I am done with writing them, I send it for editing to Gunjan, she makes some really interesting changes to the storyline.

What is your writing environment like? Can you tolerate music or noise or are you a reclusive writer?

My writing environment is a peaceful room with no disturbance at all. I enjoy some soft music in the background while writing.

Which of your characters was most enjoyable to write?

My favourite characters are Eveleen and Moksha. I enjoyed writing about them.

Are you like any of the characters?

Yes. From the story “Your Day will come.”

What is your life like? What do you do for pleasure and work when you are not writing?

My life is quite simple.

I love to do street photography and explore new cities and foods in India

Apart from writing I am pursing my MBA from Badruka Institute of Management Sciences, Hyderabad a working as a business developer executive in Crecer finance services

Who are your literary influences? What are your favourite books/ films/ albums?

Robin Sharma is my greatest literary influence. My favourite books are “Who will cry when you die”, Series of “Harry Potter”, books by ChetanBhagat.

My favourite films are “3 idiots”, “Batman series”, “Iron Man series”, “Forest Gump”  “Barfi”

My favourite music artists are Avril Lavigne, Eminem, and Maroon 5.

What are your views on independent publishing?

Every independent-publishing author is a hero because only a hero can do alone what traditionally used to be the work of many people.

Can you recommend any indie books/ authors?

I recommend Twist of fate book by Stephen.L.Wilson

What would your friends tell us if we asked for your best and your oddest qualities?

When I asked my friend, Gunjan Vyas,this is what she replied:

Your best qualities would be you are a very friendly and sweet person; you make new friends easily and enjoy life to the fullest. Oddest would be that you are an internet addict and lazy.

What are your favourite animal/ colour/ outdoor activity?

My favourite animal is turtle. Colour is blue. Outdoor activity is photography.

What would you take to a remote island?

I would like to take some good food and drinks, my Cannon 550D camera, mobile phone, and a speed boat.

Who would you like to invited for dinner and why?

If I get a chance at this moment I would like to invite my friend, Gunjan Vyas for dinner. We would like to go to Hard Rock Café and go crazy over there.

What are you writing at the moment and where would we find out about your next projects?

Writing a few poems and stories as and when I experience something new. My next project is to release a second edition of Pebbles where we take a different look on people’s lives.

What else would you like us to know about you and your books?

Read any story off Pebbles and you will know whatever message I want to convey. J


Gunjan Vyas is co-author as well as editor







Links : Pebbles trailer
Blurb: Different Strokes 

Different Strokes

Different Strokes, as the name implies, is a collection of short stories from distinguished internationally published authors and scholars. It is a work of the best minds cutting across different culture, background, education, age and experience. A collaboration of three high wired literary individuals: Sunday Igwebuike (Nigeria) representing the creme of African Literature;Madhu Kalyan M. and Gunjan Vyas (Indians) epitomizing the creative industry of the Asians.
Pebbles blurb
Life is a journey from birth to death and like any other journey, it occurs in a series of events. Time passes by and we find ourselves on a new phase before we can even comprehend the end of the one we had just lived! The journey has its ups and downs – at times we feel like time couldn’t have been better and at times, even the purpose of being alive remains lost on us. Different events have different effects on us – some affect us drastically while others simply wave at us as they pass by. These events are like pebbles – each having a different shape, a different color, a different size and together they join to draw a path in front of us which we tread during the journey of life.













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