03 Aug 2013


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One of my favourite writers, master of horror J.H. Glaze has released NEMESIS, Episode II of the thrilling YA series RUNE.

Send the demons back to Hell!

At the stroke of midnight on Jacob Rowan’s 18th birthday, he undergoes a transformation that will change our world forever, if only he can survive another day. He learns that his entire life up to this point was a lie, but there’s no time to dwell on it, as he quickly discovers that there are demons desperate to kill him.

With the help of an unlikely mentor and newly formed alliances, he must decipher the language of his ancestors to recover a set of ancient scrolls. These documents hold the key that will open the gateway to the demon’s hellish world and send them back before the final curtain is drawn on all of humankind.

In this new YA Thriller Series, author J.H. Glaze takes his readers on an adventure that spans thousands of years and multiple geographic locations as it races headlong toward its electrifying conclusion.

“Rune Episode II: Nemesis” by J.H. Glaze is a great second instalment of this new series by the very talented master of horror. As this is directed at young adults the horror is less gruesome and presented with a focus on entertaining yet in a strong and powerful style.
Episode II begins where Episode I left us: in the vault of a bank where our hero Jake receives a message by his late grandmother. He learns about his special mission in the battle against demons from hell and how to fight them.
Episode II is less action driven as it is a widening of the plot for the future instalments and introduces more characters that will be no doubt prominent in the next few books. There are some hilarious scenes in the book regarding his companion Pete who inhabits the body of a dog is due a visit to the vet.
Somewhat quieter than Episode I, Nemesis is more playful and stays true to Glaze’s tradition never to repeat himself or resort to formulaic writing. Great entertainment.JHGlaze (1)

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