16 May 2014

Joss Landry: I Can See You

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“I Can See You” by Joss Landry is both beautiful and haunting. It carefully handles the grim subjects of child abuse and child abduction, letting us witness the plot through the eyes of ten year old Emma, a girl who has nightmarish premonitions and visions of the culprit.

However, not everything in the book is dark and terrifying at all. Emma is a lovely and good hearted girl who is learning how to handle her psychic ‘gift’ and how to separate her imagination from truth. She serves as great, innocent and pure perspective, which adds some gravity to the terror, but fortunately we also see the nicer sides of her social and family life in this book. This part of the book feels like great teen fiction and is reminiscent of the greatness of The Lovely Bones – only with the added bonus that Emma is unharmed and can help the police for real.
The police investigation is another well done part. Landry has created two interesting detectives that make a great team. A school teacher – and ex-lover of one of the detectives – comes to their aid and adds spice and chemistry to this rich book.
The opening dream sequence is an instant pull into the story, a great set up that continues to cast its shadow over the story while Landry established the rest of the well-chosen set of characters. I must admit I am a bit of a sucker for psychic detective stories but I almost forgot about all that over the intense emotions that the book stirred in me. Landry has handled this difficult subject with style and good taste. I hope Emma will return as the lead character in another book.
This is a gripping thriller, intense and powerful but never over-done. Young adults will find it as appealing as older readers. Parental Guidance however is advised.


Joss has worked as a consultant for more than twenty years, writing copy for marketing firms and assisting start-up companies launch their business. She recently made the switch from composing copy and promos, to writing fiction and prose. She is developing her style through courses and the support of other writers. Joss is presently working on honing three other novels for publication. Blessed with four children and five grandchildren, she resides in Montreal with her husband, a staunch supporter, and enjoys spending time biking, rollerblading, playing tennis, and swimming. She loves creating stories as she says they fulfill her need to think outside the box.

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