20 Feb 2015

Interview with Wendy Steele, author of “The Lilith Trilogy” and “The Standing Stone”

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13638993On New Moon this week Wendy hosted me on her blog in a wonderful blog swap, so today it is my turn to introduce this wonderful writer, woman and friend to you. I met Wendy years ago on Facebook and we’ve been helping each other out ever since. It was easy, since Wendy writes marvellous stories.
Her first book, “Destiny of Angels”, was recommended to me by a mutual friend and this is how it all started.

The book concerns an emotionally damaged woman who years later – rich and powerful – finally overcomes her past. Together with her partner, a childhood friend and some other characters she uses magic and spiritual rituals and teachings (Qabalah) to find peace.
In parts a paranormal romance and in others a moral tale what strikes me most about the book is the authors familiarity and sound knowledge of the mythology and spiritual teachings. 

“Wrath of Angels (The Lilith Trilogy Book 2)” is also a marvel in the paranormal / fantasy / spiritual genre.
At its core is a unique character, Angel Parsons, a strong and multifacetted woman with pagan leanings, able to enter the astral level, yet very down to earth and capable to run a business.
Right from the beginning we witness her meeting a circle of mythological creatures, excellently portrayed in a wonderful paranormal scene that works with a range of mysticism and mythologies. Those parts of the book are payful, powerful and very well done. Wales April2 2014 480
Yet, much of the story line and sub plots centre around earthly matters, friendships, family, relationships, sex and business.
Steele writes very life like characters and puts them in the beautiful (if somewhat rainy) setting of Wales.
Having read the first book I enjoyed how a woman who had come into her own has established herself. A great sequel in a creative and enjoyable series.

Tell us a little about yourself as a writer and as a person

I was born Wendy Steele in Essex, UK. At the age of ten years, returning from the Tutankhamen Exhibition in London, I wrote my first poem. I’ve three grown up children who still live in Essex while my partner, cats and I moved to Wales in August 2013. One day, we’ll build a straw bale writing room for me on our land from which I will be able to see the mountains.

Did anyone influence you/encourage you to become a writer?

In my early school years I was encouraged to write and produced fantasy stories and descriptive pieces but once I reached senior school, this encouragement ceased. I picked up my writing again in my early twenties, penning a number of children’s stories. A chance advert in a local educational prospectus sent me on a two day characterization workshop and the homework on that course inspired me to write my first novel.

Arriving at the school to pick up the children half an hour early each day, I sat in the car and wrote. Three years and 120,000 words later, I had a novel. It was wordy but the characters were good and this inspired me to keep writing. My first piece of paid published work was an article for the Dancing Times after returning from my first belly dance workshops at Fantasia, London. Seven years later, I published my first novel, Destiny of Angels.

When did you decide to write in your chosen genre(s)? 1525489_727027867367588_3609825835882938065_n

The genre chose me! My novels are magical realism, greatly influenced by my love of Dion Fortune. When I started belly dance at the age of forty, not only did a world of dance open up for me, but a world of people, some of whom thought about the world as I did. The paths these new friends opened up for me, inspired me to write about real magic.

Tell us about the concept behind your books. How did you get the idea?

Having talked to the moon ever since I was a little girl, as a new life path opened up for me, I began studying magic, shamanism and the Kabbalah. This research, along with my own personal practical workings, is the basis for my books.

What is your life like outside of writing?

Physically exhausting! Our move to Wales was motivated by location but also cost so, we’ve ended up in a beautiful spot in Cribyn near Lampeter in a dilapidated stone cottage. Such a large renovation project had not been part of the plan but I love our house and our land is blessed with river frontage which is wonderful.

Visits to Essex are frequent to catch up on the family and it’s bliss to spend quality time with those we love.

After teaching Egyptian belly dance for a number of years, I became a tribal babe four years ago and my teacher asked if I would like to teach as Tribal Unity in Wales teaching American Tribal Style® Belly Dance. I started two beginners classes in March 2014. My dancers are inspiring and we’ve been into the community performing, showing others what we do in class. Starting a new project is always scary and hard work but I love what I do and after teaching and my own dance practise, it’s bliss to sit down and write.

What are you working on now? Standing Stone Home For Christmas Cover drop shadow

The third part of the Lilith Trilogy, Angels and Demons is under way, as is the second Standing Stone book, Silence is Broken which I hope to publish in the Spring.

I was invited to join a writing group in the next village and am enjoying writing short stories again and exploring new genres.

Is there anything you would like us to know about yourself and your books?

When I started using social media, I decided to adopt an honest approach, being myself so that if a reader met me in the street, I would be the person they had interacted with. I also decided that if I wanted the Indie community to help me, I would need to do the same and ran the Amazing Karmic Sharefest and the BOB each month on my Facebook page, sharing events before sharing events were done. I also decided to read and review, giving an honest opinion of the books I read to encourage readers to give Indie writers a chance.

I have written one non-fiction book, Wendy Woo’s Year, A Pocketful of Smiles, a book to help bring a smile to every day, which gives ideas, recipes, meditations and more, used by me in my endeavour to live with depression.

As writers, we have stories to tell and ideas to share. Feed back from readers where a book has resonated with them is the best reward.

Wendy Steele

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