02 Jun 2014

Dermot Davis: Zen & Sex vs The Younger Man

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Today I have the pleasure to review two books that are written somewhat as companions or as opposites if you so will. A younger man and an older woman date and the two books are the two sides of the story. Unlike some might suspect, these novels are quite different stories who simply overlap where the characters meet but they both have their own plot and issues. I don’t have a favourite, so here are both of my reviews: 

“Zen and Sex” by Dermot Davis is the fourth of his novels I am reading in as many weeks. I am very taken in by his honest and sharp writing, both in comedy and in more serious work.

“Zen and Sex” follows the dating experience of Martin, who after a terrible date meets a different woman by accident, older and into Zen. The unlikely couple get on surprisingly well and guided by her maturity they seem to be making a proper go at romance.
But life is of course complicated and there is a lot more going on.
I liked Martin’s honest internal and external dialogue which makes the book wirth reading way beyond any plot. 
All of us have been on dates, good and bad ones, we all have pondered about the differences between the sexes, dating, dating etiquette, soul mates, luck and destiny.
The book touches on all of these issues, but primarily, it is a quirky, fresh, very pleasant and intelligently entertaining book that does not shy away from tongue in cheek and laughing about itself.
Very enjoyable!

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“The Younger Man” by Dermot Davis is a beautifully warm and thoughtful novel. 38, divorced and in therapy, Frances has kind of sworn off all men when she is approached twice by younger men for dates.
That is the premise but if you think you are in for a simplistic dating chick lit then you are only right in parts. With an analytical and highly reflective approach Davis (and his character Frances) live through the challenges that the dating-after-heartache and the dating-someone-younger throws at his characters. 
There are further complications in the mix through friends and family, who serve as great reflectors and catalysts for the plot. There is an unpretentious honesty and directness about this book that resonates a little with the best episodes of ‘Sex and the City’, which were just as poignant and spot on about relationships.
Written by a man but ‘told’ from a female perspective the book doesn’t lose any of its credibility, I would never have known the difference, a sign of a writer that is a good listener and has great empathy in other humans.
It is however not all anaylsis and deep thinking, there is plenty of fun in this novel, great one liners and hilarioussmall observations and scenes.
Simply excellent.

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Author Bio:

Dermot is an Irish writer now living in the US. As a playwright, Dermot is a recipient of the O.Z. Whitehead Award which was co-sponsored by Irish Pen and the Society of Irish Playwrights. Winner of the 2013 USA Best Book Awards for humor, Dermot’s third novel, “Brain: The Man That Wrote the Book That Changed the World,” is “an entertaining farce about modern society; a deft, fast-paced tale that will leave self-aware readers giggling,” (Publishers Weekly, starred review). Coming “Highly Recommended” by the Midwest Book Review, who also called it, “ironic, iconoclastic and pure entertainment from first page to last,” the book poses the question of whether an author should write from the heart or write only books that he thinks will sell.

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