13 Dec 2013

CHRISTMAS REVIEW: “Yuletide Tales: A Festive Collective (The Indie Collaboration Presents)”

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 TODAY I PRESENT THE INDIE COLLABORATION,  a group of very talented authors, and their Festive Collection:


“Yuletide Tales A Festive Collective (The Indie Collaboration Presents)” is a magnificent selection of Christmas-time short stories and poems that spans a wide range of angles and emotions about the festive season.

Classic x-mas stories about unexpected kindness or magical and biblical themes are included as well as an inspired horror story about the Anti-Claus and a very entertaining short about a spiritualist medium and her ‘workload’ at christmas time.

The Indie Collaboration is a collection of very talented writers, most of whom I have come across through their other work. This anthology is a showcase of outstanding writing talent. The stories are all well written, interesting and well put together, making for a great holiday read.




Find out more about the group on Facebook:


Here is the link to the book on the Amazon page of your country: http://bookShow.me/B00H0F2H5E



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