19 Apr 2014

“Catori’s Worlds” by Murielle Cyr

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 Over a year ago now I met Murielle Cyr on a Goodreads forum and fell in love with her warm and kind-hearted writing and nature. I have devoured her writing and featured her on my blog for her books “Culloo” and “Turtle Wish”. I am so pleased to have the honour of presenting her newest book today: Catori’s Worlds

“Catori’s Worlds” by Muriele Cyr is a wonderful and amazing book for young adults. 
Right from the beginning the story draws the reader in with a powerful narrative voice, hinting at some unresolved family issues after her father’s death. 
Catori is a lovely teenager, somewhat isolated and trying to make sense of her world, yet very likeable and compelling to watch. She has angst,some good fight in her and disarming honesty.
A bus journey one morning takes her to a new world where she becomes stuck. The parallel world has good and evil forces but also new wonders and some new friends that help her fight the evil that comes after her. The world is magical and provides a lot of food for thought for teenagers and adults alike.
Murielle Cyr has an imaginative and original mind and has written what I want to call a fantasy with a cause. Ideas in the other world, such as a crop that won’t need attention to grow, playfully mention some of the common problems the earth faces, but they form only part of an excellent fictitious narrative.
The story has a smooth flow, is written in impeccable prose with tight editing and offers – along the way – charming insights into human beings and our society. I really loved reading it and ran late for an appointment because of my involvement into the plot. 
The book has an inspiring message about self-acceptance and self-realisation, it is fun to read and one of my reading highlights this year. Highly recommended.

 The Book on yourAmazon sit: http://bookShow.me/B00JSISQ1U

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I started creating stories in grade school and never stopped. My high school teachers would often catch me scribbling my stories during history and geography classes. The model for my evil characters in those days would be the nasty teachers who constantly bombarded me with tons of useless homework.

There was less time while the children grew up, but I managed to write after they were tucked in for the night. Some of my stories and poems made their way to literary magazines and anthologies.

My favorite activity as a primary teacher was reading aloud to the students. I would sometimes read them stories I had written for them and their fun was trying to figure out if they appeared as one of the characters. Even as adults we all want to be in someone’s story.

I’ve always been a listener. Over the years I’ve tried to listen with the heart which has made me discover a chain of steep mountains and waterfalls within me. That is what I search for in my readings and try to convey in my writing. 
Writing and social media consume a lot of my time, but I also enjoy my Tai Chi, making batches of handcrafted soap, experimenting with recipes I find on the internet, trying to second-guess my dogs, and lets not forget that vital reading.
Writing has always been a painful passion for me, reading my most treasured lifeline

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