10 Dec 2013

Author Profile “Dab10”

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Today I have the pleasure of introducing a very talented writer of three remarkable short stories: Dab10.

Since I reviewed all of his work I am leading with the interview and will add the reviews at the end.

Tell us a little about yourself as writer and a person

Dab10: As a writer I am a bit different as I cant seam to keep to one Genre. About the only common thread with all of them is my humor which I cant seam to keep out of anything.

Dab 10

 (my family at one of our favorite pastimes the renaissance fair)

As a person I am married for 17 years (to the same person lol) father of two girls 8 and 15

 I am an involved father and volunteer to help out at school functions like book fair’s and just most recently I was selling 50/50’s for the marching band.

What made you decide to write?

Dab10: I am a bit of a storyteller and when telling what happened tend to add or emphasize things in such a way that makes my stories a bit fun and I have lots of odd ideas which I tend to jot them down so I don’t loose them. When you combined them I am a storyteller that writes stuff down and not an author lol. 

Tell us a little about the history of your stories. How did you have the inspiration for your stories and your characters?

Dab10: This all has to do with the way I write. there is a core idea that is what inspired the story in the first place, then I build around that. As for characters there are pieces of lots of people that I disassemble and put together to make the characters and some is just made up. If I see someone that stands out in my mind they might be a base for one of my characters, and my villains tend to be people who irritate me not that I leave enough that they’ll know, but I do 😉 .  

How much of the stories was fixed before you started writing and how much changed during the process?

Dab10: I know authors that make outlines and that stuff but that would never work for me. I have a good idea how I think it should go and when I start writing it’s oh what if this happened or how would they react to that. But with most of my stories I let them sit a day or so after I am first done then go back and read it and often add or change things.

Which of your characters was most enjoyable to write?

Dab10: Right now my favorite would have to be the ‘Grandpa’ from my latest book soon to be released as a lot of him is based on my own grandpa. Ex-military proud, strong, and wakes his grandson by singing “it’s time to get up, it’s time to get up, it’s time to get up in the morning.” and yes my grandpa did that to me. 

Who would play them in a film?

Dab10: The character Al Pacino played in sent of a woman always reminded me of my grandpa gruff but he really cared.

Are you like any of the characters in the book?

Dab10: Not that directly but there are pieces of me scattered about.

What is your life like? What do you do for pleasure and work when you are not writing?

Dab10: I run my own computer consultant company and currently work overnight to help make ends meet.

For fun my family and I like to go to Renascence fairs dressed in period clothing

Who are your literary influences? What are your favorite books/ films/ albums?

Dab10: I can’t say I have literary influences per say. I read a lot and I am sure I’ve picked up things from all of it.

As for favorite book my first favorite was the stories of Sherlock Holmes. Films Monty Python comes to mind.

As for albums I still love bat out of hell by Meatloaf 

What are your views on independent publishing?

Dab10: It is probability the best thing to happen to writing in a long time, now it isn’t just a few bean counters who will say what stories get told.

Can you recommend any indie books/ authors?

Dab10: Do you want a list.

There is this Christoph Fischer guy I have three of his in my to read cue.

Dianne Harman I am currently reading Tea Party Teddy, and have the coyote motel and coyote in province in my to read cue.

Lucy Pireel

You know I could go on but if you stop by my goodreads page I do update what I want to read there.  From time to time

What would your friends tell us if we asked for your best and your oddest qualities?

Dab 11

A young me reading and being silly

Dab10: Best would be that I am always willing to help and oddest would probably be my sense of humor.

What are your favourite animal/ colour/ outdoor activity?

Dab10: Animal ferret, color dark blue, outdoor activity I love to take my laptop outside and write

What would you take to a remote island?

Dab10: Laptop food water and wife. (let the kids stay home)

Who would you like to invited for dinner and why?

Dab10: Albert Einstein I wold love to ask him some of my odd questions (like if we see in the light spectrum, if we somehow traveled faster then light would we go blind?)

What are you writing at the moment and where would we find out about your next projects?

Dab10: I just finished two projects the book Ed’s Journal and a short story for a contest so I am really working on nothing right this second.

But here is the first peek at Ed’s Journal


Here I sit, debating whether to come clean or hold my tongue.  You see I was a kid then, and I didn’t know any better.  But it has been ten years and the truth, well, someone should know.  The best I can do is write it out in this journal and see how I feel.

It started when I was 15; I was a geek, bad completion and good grades.  I was raised by my grandparents after mom and dad divorced.  Dad disappeared and mom, I guess you could say died of a broken heart.  She just stopped taking care of herself and got pneumonia and died when I was 12.

So three years later I was living at the grandparent’s house when Cousin Mary moved in.  She was going to the nearby college and would stay with us while she went there.  I was tall, about 5’11” and skinny with just a bit of muscle, enough that I wasn’t picked on by the bullies any more, but far from being any sort of Adonis.  Now my cousin was 4’11” – she said 5’ – with a cute pixie face and cute pixie body.

I was, am, and always will be a computer geek.  She was going to study computer science.  We got along great. 


I don’t give a lot of info about what I am working on away but if you stop by my website there is some info there https://sites.google.com/site/autherdab10/home

What else would you like us to know about you and your books?

Dab10: First and foremost the question I’ve gotten most is about the learning disability I have.

graphomotor skills deficit is a lack of certain motor skills at certain stages of development which inhibit the learning of written language skills (handwriting and spelling) which causes difficulty in most other subjects. Now the teachers when I was young knew something was wrong and when it got to it’s worst they made typing and other methods of note taking available. But back then couldn’t put a name to what I went through. My reading and comprehension and vocabulary were high above grade, but my handwriting was still chicken scrach.

When I was 35 and my oldest daughter showed the same sighs the school tested her and they put a name to it and when looking in to it told me that I had the same but fortunately they had ways to help her, but it wouldn’t help me because I was well past that stage of development.

Now I never thought of myself as disabled in any way (and still don’t) it just takes me more work to get it right but that’s just the way of things.

As for my books they may be of different genes but they are all made with the same humor that is mine.

Princess Gives it away


is a free short story about revenge with lots of humor


 “Princess gives it away” by Dab10 is a clever short story about the whirlwind romance and marriage of an ‘it’ couple that takes an unexpected turn.
It is hard to tell more of the plot but the point of view by the narrator helps to limit what the reader knows and so we experience the drama as it unfolds first hand. The story is cleverly plotted and was to me very unpredictable. You think it is a one-idea piece but then it comes up with more.
Dab10 focuses on the essentials and wastes no time in this well paced story.Short and to the point and with a satisfactory or rewarding end this is certainly worth reading.



Something Bad

Something bad

a psych thriller written in such a way to make you feel like your in his mind with him


 “Something Bad” by Dab10 is an intriguing piece of horror/ suspense writing. In a unique style of short sentence, much like a stream of consciousness, Dab10 talks about his ‘feelings of something bad’, a premonition of forthcoming bad events, many of which he took the blame for in his previous life.
Even in the often poetic and verse like writing it is quite spooky to know of the impending doom and evil. What is amazing how we get to care for the main character even in passages when we do not know if he is good or bad. The narrative is a definite strong point as it the subsequent perspective. Once again Dab10 manages to take the story to unexpected places.
The horror is more psychological than gory, very well done and again the ending is very apt.
I hope to read a full length story by this author some day. Very impressive.



She Found Them

She found them


is a suspense piece with lots of humor, he had some files on his computer and she found them



 “She Found Them” by Dab10 is a very quick short that follows a business man in a meeting worried about the fact that his wife ‘found them’. We don’t know what she found, we can only assume but his fear and anxiety we feel first hand, such is the skill of the author to get us into the mind of the narrator.
Short and poignant this comes quickly to its end. Very enjoyable.





and the soon to be released Ed’s Journal

coming of age with humor and a touch of esp.

thank you Christoph for this chance to talk.


Dab10, Author
Web site https://sites.google.com/site/autherdab10/

G plus http://ow.ly/q7lfs 

Twitter https://twitter.com/Dab10ten or @Dab10ten

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dab10-Auther/283224235147264?ref=hl

Amazon author page http://www.amazon.com/Dab10/e/B00DBXTQTY/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_1?qid=1382578437&sr=1-1
Smashwords https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/Dab10?ref=dab10

goodreads https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7075086.Dab10

written by
Christoph Fischer was born in Germany in 1970 as the son of a Sudeten-German father and a Bavarian mother. ‘The Luck of The Weissensteiners’ is his first published work. He has written several other novels which are in the later stages of editing and finalisation.
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