22 Feb 2015

Author Interview with Lorraine Carey

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Beloved Sacrifice CoverI’ve been noticing Lorraine Carey and her wonderful books on Twitter and Facebook for some time. I finally caught up with her and some of her books. Yesterday I reviewed “Jonathan’s Locket”  on my other blog. Here is the plot for her latest release: “Beloved Sacrifice”:

Faith Bennett is expecting her first child. What she wasn’t expecting was to travel to a medieval village in Italy to perform a sacred ritual to save her unborn child from an old family curse.
A dark family secret is about to unleash itself. An old gypsy curse that was made long ago is about to rear its ugly head when Faith, a descendant from the D’Amici family, learns she is due to give birth to the seventh daughter in the family. The seventh child is said to be born with a heightened sixth sense and be regarded as the ‘enlightened’ one. A special tribe of the Romani Cult has been waiting hundreds of years for this event. Their plans include a kidnapping that will enable them to harness the spiritual gifts the child will possess. Danger lies at every turn as this young mother to be finds herself holding the key to a hidden power she never knew lay deep within her. Unseen forces take root as she embarks on her quest where an unknown enemy emerges while trying to save her marriage, her life and that of her child. This mysterious tale will take you from the quaint village of Pacentro, Italy in the early 1900s to modern day Orange County, California where evil knows no boundaries.


Here is an interview with the lovely person that is Lorraine:
Tell us a little about yourself as writer and as person. close up 1 copy

I have to say I have always loved ghost stories since I was a child, not the blood and gore stuff, just a real honest to goodness haunted tale. I love to read haunted history and odd and unusual urban legends. What better fun than to take a real legend and twist it into something even more mysterious. Most of the tales I write stem from true historical facts or real urban legends. I also love to read this kind of genre too. A real passion of mine is to listen to Paranormal Internet shows. What better place than to get ideas!

Tell us about your writing history. When was the first time you decided to write and when was the first time you did?

I always wanted to write when I retired. I was always writing stories for children with my job as a Children’s Reading Specialist and Teacher. I always loved Spooky Tales and would tell them and write them with the class. The children loved them and I also loved reading them. A fellow teacher had labeled me, ‘Mrs. Scary’.

Shortly after the loss of my parents, I was grieving and jumped right into writing as a type of therapy for me. This evolved into a short memoir, called ‘Losing Ground’, which I published back in 2010.

After that I found myself writing for junior readers with the next few novels, which featured a boy hero. I wanted to motivate those middle school boys who would rather be at the dentist than reading.

Did anyone influence you / encourage you to become a writer?

My husband has always encouraged me to write as he saw most of the stories I had written over the years when I was teaching. He believed in me more so than I did. I have to say I love the work by Amanda Hocking and was inspired by her fantasy work for Young Adults with her ‘Trylle Series’.

When did you decide to write in your chosen genre(s)

It was shortly after I wrote my memoir, that I began to write Paranormal for teens.  I believe it was in 2011.

Tell us about the concept behind your books. How did you get the idea? 

What are you most proud of in your books?

My books are a product of an unusual or odd historical occurrence or urban legend. I knew as a teacher I always told my students to write something they have experience or know about. Building a work around ‘the known’ gives not only pride to writing but you have a solid knowledge base in which to work with.

My first book for junior readers was Mysteries of the Red Coyote Inn. Living close to the Superstition Mountains and actually knowing most of the legends and history to come out of the area, gave my inspiration for the story. This story is very dear to my heart.

What is your life like outside of writing?

Since I live on a very small island in the Caribbean, (Grand Cayman) I spend my time visiting many of the beautiful beaches, snorkeling or going for boat rides around the island with my hubby.

What makes you laugh?

I really love to watch the old television shows from the seventies and eighties. Some of my favorite shows that had me it stitches were: The Bob Newhart Show, The Golden Girls, The Nanny and Seinfeld.

Who would you like to invite for dinner?

Now this is a tough question, as I have to so many to pick from. If I had to choose just one, it would most likely be music composer Adrian von Ziegler. His music has been on my playlist for most of my novels. And I would make him my homemade spaghetti and meatballs.

What song would you pick to go with your book?

I have already chosen what I believe to be the perfect song for ‘The Last Vestal Virgin’. Of course it is from Adrian von Ziegler. His ‘Nevermore is the theme song. It just seems so fitting for this haunting novel.

What are you working on now?

At the present time I am working on a very different type of genre, but not an area I am unfamiliar with. Since I am a Children’s Reading Specialist I have wanted to write a book for parents of young children, ages three to five. This book will be a tool and resource for getting their child ready to read and prepared for kindergarten with the prereading skills needed to make their child a superstar reader. ‘Ready to Read’ is in the early stages.

Is there anything you would like us to know about yourself and your books?

Again, I’d like to say that my books are a reflection of me and what I love, have a solid knowledge base in the story or was written about a place or occurrence I have experienced first hand. I hope readers will see my stories as a journey into a world of enchantment.

~ Enjoy the Journey

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Mysteries of the Red Coyote Inn:

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 Out of the Ashes, A Dean Banks Adventure:

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 The Last Vestal Virgin:

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 Losing Ground:



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 Beloved Sacrifice:

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Christoph Fischer was born in Germany in 1970 as the son of a Sudeten-German father and a Bavarian mother. ‘The Luck of The Weissensteiners’ is his first published work. He has written several other novels which are in the later stages of editing and finalisation.

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  1. Teagan says:

    Thanks Christoph. The book sounds fantastic. And you deftly brought out Lorraine’s personality. It’s nice to meet her. I’m 100% envious of the island locale, after months of snow and severe cold! Hugs to you both. 😀

    • CBook5901 says:

      Thanks Teagan. I’m jealous of the island location myself. I had a few short stays there in my past and miss it very much. Her books are great all the same. Have a great Sunday 🙂


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